Which bike would you want?

Today we have two complete different frame models and we offer 4 different types of bikes, each can be tailored to your wishes with different types of wood, looks, and hardware.


Single gear, hand brakes, race tyres, contemporary looks.

Frame: Walnut & Ash 


Multiple gears, hand brakes, normal tyres

Frame: Padouk & Ash


Race bike setup drive and gears with straight steer

Frame: Maple & Ash


Full race bike, light weight, made to go the distance 

Frame: Birch & Ash

Our frames

We have to different frames, and even though one was designed for the fixie and city and the other for the hybrid and race bike, it is up to you what you wish.

Race & hybrid

Unique designed frame, lightweight, only between 1.6 and 2.4kg depending on the wood used, aerodynamic cables run through the frame and different groups possible from Shimano. Fully customizable to your desires

Fixie & city

Strong frame but light ride, different wood types can be used on one frame making it the look you want. Combined with design gear, crank, wheels, and other parts, the contemporary look easily comes to life.

Wood, the luxurious and sustainable alternative

Wood is not only a beautiful material, it is strong, light, and a sustainable and renewable material. Any type of hardwood is possible, standard we can offer these four types

American Walnut


European Mapple


Build in layers

A PiM.Bike is build in layers to give the bike strength and stiffness and gives your bike the unique PiM.Bike look