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Today 2 types of frames ready to roll and more to come. With these frames we offer 4 different types of bikes, fixie, city, hybrid, and race.

Configure yours

Tailored to your wishes

Standard we offer a selection of options, frame type and size, types of wood, used parts from your own old bike or new parts, maker and quality of parts, or even a frame-only option ready for you to build your own bike.

about us

Craftsmanship, commitment, and passion

The whole team is passioned about bikes and natural products such as wood. Every handmade bike is unique and requires craftsmanship. All our employees are committed to build the best frame tailored to your wishes.

We would love to hear from you!

For questions about our bikes, upcycling of your own bike, our craftsmanship, special requests or deliveries please send us a message. To order your own PiM.Bike please go to the page ‘configure yours’. And feedback is always welcome, even positive feedback!